Designers: Projects Department of El Corte Inglés

Woodworks: Bamboo paneling, Three-dimensional panels

The skyscraper of the financial district of Azca, known as Torre Titania or Torre Azca, is crowned by the consulting firm Ernst & Young, with a unique meeting and event room in Madrid with views of the entire city skyline.

The Corte Inglés Project Department, _ made up of architects and interior designers_ has counted on Grupo Gubia to technically carry out this unique intervention. Our technical department, equipped with all the necessary graphic means and construction knowledge, has worked for months on a complex spatial geometry with unique encounters and details.

The fruit of the work shows a brilliant result, materialized by our carpentry officers in the conical development of a GUBIA BSP38 CV solid bamboo slatted cladding that embraces the space. Elevated three meters above the occupancy plane, the bamboo melts with a sculptural cladding of a casual character that surrounds the internal installation staircase.

The workspace coincides with the terrace floor of the skyscraper, closed in a subtle way to accommodate this activity. The atmospheric conditions of temperature and humidity are variable in the room, hence the choice of bamboo – a very stable and at the same time warm material – and of WBP phenolic plywood finished in black lacquer that creates the central volumetry.

The use of Grupo Gubia bamboo enhances the brightness of the room and the welcoming character of a space that lends itself to social relationships, where the comfort of the attendees is essential. On the other hand, the light that is naturally propelled through the windows that close the space, creates a striking spectacle of shadows on the sloping planes of the central sculpture, a sequence of pyramids that invite ingenuity and inspiration. (+)

Photography: Javier Bravo

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