Architects: Juan Antonio Marín Malavé and Javier Pérez de la Fuente

Building company: Dragados

Woodworks: Wooden lattice and bamboo coatings:  bamboo ceiling, bamboo flooring, bamboo wall paneling and bamboo furniture.

This new exhibition space is the opposite of the traditional concept of museum. There are neutral spaces connected between them, only to content the artworks inside themselves, giving them the main role of the place.

Between the careful combination of materials and colors, the white dyed wooden lattice stands out in the down space with “The Cube” and the permanent collection area.

Against white vertical surfaces and grey floorings and ceilings, all the space near the circulation area in access floor _ticket sales, coffee shop, cloakroom_ and the hall in ground floor are covered with bamboo elements. This material is also in permanent equipment in the building, like seats, ticket offices, desks, tables, counters…

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