Architect: Galán / Lubascher

Woodworks: Bamboo slat ceiling, bamboo flooring, bamboo wall panelling, furniture

The Agustin Betancourt Auditorium located in the headquarters of the Spanish Institution of Civil Engineers in Madrid, has been completely reformed and adapted to new technologies. The architect Luis García de Vinuesa has choosen the Bamboo of Grupo Gubia to carry out the refined design and to get the best mark in sustainability.

The lobby of the building comes up with a bamboo box where all, floor, walls and ceilings are covered with bamboo paneling. The auditorium access doors, model GUBIA flush fitting door system ©, also made with bamboo and hidden frame are integrated into the walls without being noticed. Walls and ceiling are covered with fireproof fiber panels finished bamboo veneer GUBIA BVCV in measures of 2400x600mm.

To reach the auditorium acoustics exigency, we built a bamboo slat ceiling. It was made up with fire-retardant MDF board with painted in black and strips of GUBIA BSP 19C each 10 cm. in the perimeter, a lower flat ceiling is suspended by hidden metallic profiling.

The Gubia bamboo flooring  GUBIA BSF 15Cv, covers the 200m2 of the auditorium from to the lobby to the both sides of exhibition hall where is arranged like a frieze around the marble flooring. Bamboo flooring offers a unique look and is an inteligent, eco-friendly hardwood option.

The platform area and the rear platform, raised for the seating arrangement, are finished with the same material and with solid bamboo panel GUBIA BSP 19 Cv. Two tables and a lectern, which follow the image of the acoustic ceiling, have been made to measure for their placement on the stand.

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