Architects: Galán / Lubascher

Woodworks: wood floors, bamboo paneling, bamboo veneer, wood ceilings, bamboo doors

In the second intervention made to the Official College of Channels and Ports of Madrid by Grupo Gubia, we focused on a significant expansion of the space to give rise to new spaces such as a large meeting room and a space for multipurpose use. Both spaces are accessed through a central hall that incorporates new access to the facilities, for which a custom door was designed in bamboo with a flared oculus that shows the filigree of the bamboo on the edge. Both the lobby and multipurpose rooms incorporate a bamboo panel floor-to-ceiling paneling with a slatted ceiling that provides spaciousness to the room, as well as acoustic improvements. The aesthetics of the rooms are crowned by mixed carpentry _from iroco to the exterior and bamboo to the interior_ which respects the historic character of the property and provides important thermal improvements.

This intervention maintains a design similar to that incorporated in the CICCP main auditorium, where previously Gruppo Gubia had a successful performance, cladding the interior in bamboo. Consequently, the new addition to the college maintains bamboo usage and a consistent aesthetic.


Photograph: Javier Bravo

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