Business cards and wedding invitations made of bamboo

Business cards and wedding invitations made of bamboo

Do you want to surprise your guests or a special person with an original detail? If you are thinking about a business card, a wedding invitations or a different or creative souvenir, here you have the solution.

GUBIA Group develops a new line of gifts made of a sustainable and flexible material, bamboo veneer.

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Let your imagination run free, our graphic designers can help you to create an special invitation, made of a surprising material as bamboo. A laser engraving is used over thin sheets of this material for personifying texts, images, drawings.

Carbonized veneer is ideal for a warm and current image, whereas if you prefer a fresher image you can choose natural veneer; several sizes and formats are available.

These new wedding invitations will leave your guest astounded!

Requests budget without commitment here.

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