Villa La Toca in Marbella

Villa La Toca in Marbella

Architects: AMES

Building company: Hecobuilding

Woodworks: wooden facade, custom carpentry, bespoke furniture 

This villa in Marbella´s coast is different to the others, its wooden facade contrasts with the white walls and glass of the rest. The architecture studio AMES has conserved the shapes of the slooping roof of the old property giving it a new image where the wood covers a great part of its facade.

We have designed a ventilated chamber behind the WBP phenolic plywood panels, finished in wengue. The pieces have been installed from floor to ceiling separated from the base and protected all the edges with sealing products. A saturator has been applied as covering with an easy maintance, only cleaning and application of the same saturator.

Inside, the custom carpentry has been made of wengue wood. The client has chosen doors and front cabinets, model GUBIA minimal door system, without flashing so the frame is completely flush to wall.

The singular wooden lattice surrounds the staircase and bespoke furniture are part of the design of this luxury villa. (+)

Real Aeroclub in Córdoba

Real Aeroclub in Córdoba

Architect: Javier Quiralte

Construccion Cooperativa construcciones Villanueva de Córdoba

Woodworks : bamboo panelling

A modern phased intervention in the Aeroclub Building has led the property to rely on Grupo GUBIA for its execution of the entire bamboo carpentry.  Playing with heights, doors flush with coatings with special measures of up to 2.50 m in height and a countertop showing the particular bamboo edge, has managed to renew the image of the aeroclub toilets, giving it a new look (+)
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