New brochure: solid bamboo flooring, bamboo panel and bamboo veneer

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Our new brochure is already finished. We have been preparing it for last months with a lot of illusion. You can find all bamboo products of Gubia, their technical characteristics and applications.

From time inmemorial bamboo has been used as a sustainable material of construction. Architects and engineers are fascinated increasingly by the qualities of the material so there are very important projects of building and interior design using bamboo floorings, bamboo paneling, bamboo furniture, bamboo doors..

GUBIA group has been working for more than a decade with this sustainable material, offering technical solutions to important projects and developing new products of bamboo with our suppliers.

Now we offer you the possibility of unloading the catalogue here. You can ask for advice to our technical department to solve any type of design in bamboo.


The new Loyola University Campus Andalucía

The new Loyola University Campus Andalucía

Universidad Loyola

The new Campus of the Loyola University of Andalucía, a design developed by Luis Vidal + architects, is a commitment to efficiency, sustainability and technology at the service of the University Community. Its proposal is based on “few buildings, efficient and optimized, along an axis”, that will house more than 2.500 people.

The first phase will end of the next month of September, when it will open its doors. It will include a building with central and administrative services, classrooms, laboratories and assembly hall to continue with a library and the chapel in a second stage.

Group Gubia will be present in the new campus through their sustainable bamboo products. More tan 400m² of Gubia Bamboo Floor GUBIA BSF 15 C-v for the assembly hall grandstand flooring. Also the acoustic improvement will be achieved by a cnc complex massif bamboo slat ceiling with GUBIA BSP 19CV in the range of 500, 100 and 150mm between axis distances, thinking to get the best technical results.

According to a predetermined criteria for energy efficiency and sustainability, Grupo Gubia contribute to obtaining an excellent LEED Certification, in particular to the MRc4, MRc5, MRc6, MRc7 and IEQc4 credits that show the benefits of GUBIA Bamboo Products in order to keep good environment quality.

We will show you soon the first finish works.

Solid bamboo flooring in Zurbarán Law Firm

Solid bamboo flooring in Zurbarán Law Firm

The Insur building, located on Avenida Diego Martinez Barrio, will house the new Zurbarán law firm.

The activity will be developed in an office of approximately 800m2, designed by the architects Juan Astorga and Joaquín González, in which the most representative areas have been covered with one of the solid bamboo floorings of Grupo GUBIA.

The density of this material, its extreme stability due to its structure and its warmth are the qualities that make bamboo more and more popular in the large architectural projects.

The model chosen has a patented mechanical anchor and incorporates a powerful acoustic abosrbent to impact noise.

GUBIA Group will be at Centre Pompidou in Málaga

GUBIA Group will be at Centre Pompidou in Málaga

The Cube, building between Pier 1 and 2 in the Port of Málaga, will become a couple of months in the second outer extention of National Centre of Art and Culture Georges Pompidou in Paris and the first located outside France.

Over 6000m2 will show around seventy works from its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions annually; will also feature workshops for children and adolescents.

The project has been carried out by the technical team of the Municipal Planning Department of Málaga and the development of everything related to wooden spaces and furniture has been revised by Technical Department of GUBIA´s Group.

Project leaders have chosen simple constructive solutions and a careful combination of materials and colors to accompany artworks. “The design tries to generate neutral spaces serving the contemplation of art work”. White and light colors are predominant in materials chosen.

The central space, where part of the permanent collection will be exhibited, is wrapped with a spectacular pine lattice formed by wooden pieces of 200x75mm finished with white varnish, while spaces for tickets sale, baggage room, café, .. will be coated by bamboo in walls, ceilings and flooring in the entrance floor

Bamboo is used in the auditorium located on ground floor, where a singular acoustic bamboo ceiling covers seats area.

The project was awarded to Dragados a few months ago and GUBIA has been subcontracted for the execution of all wooden items described above.



CE marking for bamboo flooring

CE marking for bamboo flooring

It is currently working on the creation of specifics European standard regulations for bamboo flooring and other species that are not considered as natural wood.  It could be finished in 2017. 

Many providers of this product, as Grupo GUBIA, have benefited in the past _ doing a broad interpretation of the legislation_ to EN 14342, which related only to natural wood flooring but not specifically excluding other species such as bamboo, for give to their products CE marking. This standard was revised in 2013, excluding these vegetal materials. For this reason, and until the new specific regulations for them not to be published, you can not speak or demand a CE label to bamboo floorings or to those species that are not natural wood


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