ING´s central offices in Madrid

ING´s central offices in Madrid


Building company: Construcía S.L

Woodworks:  wall panelling, wood ceiling

EAS architecture studio has choosen oak wood in the design of the central offices for bank ING DIRECT. Oak slats in 150×40 mm cover the ceiling and the front of glass screens. The same material is available in a lattice mode creating a visual filter between rooms which, in turn, allows to recognize the total dimensions of the building. (+)

Ibiza vip room

Ibiza vip room

Architects:  AENA

Building company: Copcisa

Woodworks: Wall PanelingWood Ceilings

Singular wall panelling designed by AENA for the VIP room at the Ibiza airport. It is made of vertical pine wood strips in 100x45mm section which were placed with a small separation between them, where you can see the blue corporate color of the company.

Different modules were made in our carpentry and installed over a triple system of wooden strips in a quick, clean an efficient installation. The ceiling of the bathrooms is covered with wood too.

Iberian Development Center in Jabugo

Iberian Development Center in Jabugo

Architects: Bakpak Architects

Building company: Grupo Tragsa

Woodworks: Technical floor finish with oak wood.

New Iberian Development and Promotion Center in Jabugo, D.O.P.  Regulator Council Headquarter in Jabugo, is installed in a old building (dated beginnings of 20th century) in a meadow and it will work like space for investigation and conferences about Iberian pig sector, very important in this area. Intervention is focused in a reinterpretation of traditional farm and a building designed by Aníbal González, a famous traditionalist architect from Seville.

The floor of the building is covered by a Gramaflor system, developed by Polygroup, wtih a oak wood finish, thickness 4 mm, designed by Gubia. Oak wood was varnished with high erosion resistance varnish, which will increase durability of the floor. Floor system was cut by the novel Sovereign system, which hides perimeter edge of the tiles, showing these like a continuous floor but there are advantages of a modular flooring. Constant width of wooden tiles helps to continuous flooring aspect, which looks like a singular and authentic wooden flooring.

Photography: Jesús Granada.

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