Obtaining of raw material

Moso bamboo __Phyllostachys pubescens_

Bamboo Harvest_ Due to the rapid regeneration of bamboo there is a constant supply of raw material _ we use bamboo between 5-6 years of age, ensuring high quality products. Our bamboo is obtained directly from the local authorities who manage the forests through cooperatives that work for the socioeconomic and environmental development of the productive chain of the plant.

Splitting and fungicide treatment_ Bamboo stalks are cut into smaller strips in the factory, which are scraped to remove the green exterior surface, knots and other defects. The strips are boiled in a bath of boric acid and lime solution to remove starch, sugars and proteins of the bamboo, that neutralizes any decay and termite attack _this fungicide treatment is a non toxic repellent.

Caramelization_ The strips are placed in the carbonized chamber for a period of 4 to 6 hours at a temperature of 200-300 ° C and steamed, cooking the sugars to obtain the rich caramel colour.

Drying_ The strips are then kiln dried for more than two weeks. This ensures strict control of moisture content and dimensional stability.

Calibration and selection_ All strips are calibrated to the required size. The quality of the finished products is ensured by a strict quality control and selection by tones of colours.

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