Sponsors in the summer workshops. III edition of the Observatory of the Invisible

We continue to support the dissemination of wood construction. Taking advantage of the III Summer Workshops / School of Art and Spirituality, Grupo GUBIA will collaborate in the Architecture workshop.

A week to learn and enjoy art

From the 17th to the 22nd of July, the third edition of the Observatory of the Invisible (OI) will take place, designed for students of various artistic disciplines. Once again, this event will take place in the Monastery of Guadalupe (Cáceres), with the aim of immersing the participants in an enriching experience, fusing art and spirituality.

In this edition, wood and architecture will be present at the hands of the Cano y Escario studio, specifically Benjamín Cano. Grupo GUBIA will collaborate as a sponsor of his workshop.

Photos of the last summer workshops
Real Monasterio de Guadalupe in Cáceres, workshops of past editions

Each student will be enrolled in one of the eight specialized practical workshops, where they will work alongside renowned artists and craftspeople. In addition, all participants will have the opportunity to share experiences and take part in training sessions, thanks to a full program of activities that will take place over the course of an intensive week of creation.

This interdisciplinary event offers the possibility of living with up to 150 students and professionals, thus fostering the creation of lasting bonds. In addition to the specialized workshops, there will be cross-disciplinary activities such as talks and colloquiums with special guests such as Pilar Gordillo, Delegate for Faith and Culture.

Architecture and wood present

We are pleased to announce that our team will participate as a sponsor of the event, in collaboration with the Cano y Escario studio, in the architecture section. Their contribution will further enrich the participants’ experience in the field of architecture and timber construction. As part of its content, the recently completed project of the Chapel of St. John Paul II, in La Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, a project in which our technical department has collaborated in the constructive development and subsequent execution of this imposing parametric structure of cedar wood, will be exhibited.

One of the projects that will be related in the summer workshops
Cedar porticoes Chapel of St. John Paul II La Almudena

In this workshop, references and current technology applied to wood construction will be discussed. For that, an approach to elements on the design of parts and configuration of areas will be made, with different tools and scales of thought and perception.

Summer workshops collages

Categories / Summer workshops:

Registration for the various summer workshops is now open. For five hours a day, participants will engage in an artistic activity guided by a renowned artist or craftsman. The following workshops will be held this year:

PAINTING: María Tarruella – Pintura Trascendente

THEATRE: : Pietro Sarubbi – La mirada interior del personaje

MUSIC: Ignacio Yepes – Magnificat

VOCAL EXPRESSION: Niño de Elche – ¿Qué oyó María?

WRITING: Jesús Montiel – Casa de tinta

DANCE: Antonio Ruz – Danzar la Luz

DRAWING: Samlo – Rezar a través del arte y la creatividad

ARCHITECTURE: Benjamín Cano – Con la naturaleza: proyectar y construir con madera. Sponsor of the workshop: Grupo GUBIA

PHOTOGRAPHY: Paula Anta – Indagación y desarrollo en el proceso creativo de proyectos fotográficos.

To consult the complete programme for 2023, you can download it in PDF format here

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