Wooden stairs

Stairs are the protagonist in many architectural and interior design projects. It is the element that solves not only the distribution of space but can become, with its design and finishing material, the key piece of a project. Wooden stairs, consequently, are remarkable examples between functionality and sustainability, a bet for the ecological and at the same time warm. Here we tell you about it.

Wood, for its aesthetic qualities and comfort, is often the material of choice for the construction and cladding of staircases in both residential and public buildings. It is a material with no limits in terms of design, allowing the creation of singular elements, sculptural objects, etc. Instead of hiding or solving the simple passage from one room to another, they can personalize and transform any environment.

Different types and styles of wooden staircases

There are many different types that can be designed and, depending on the design, different construction systems to be used. From very light stairs made of solid wood planks screwed to a metal structure to thinner planks also made of solid wood, covering a metal structure that welded to a hidden metal stringer leaves the different wooden steps in flight. Other times the steps are covered with solid wood staves in continuity with the wooden platform that covers the different levels to be connected.

When we have spaces of reduced dimensions, we can use as an alternative stairs made of solid slatted planks tenoned together. And it is also increasingly common to design the staircase itself to solve storage needs. They are configured with wooden stringers and covered with veneered boards that solve doors and shelves.

There are others that are designed as an isolated object appearing in space as a sculpture. Here are some custom-made wooden staircases made by Grupo GUBIA: Stair Design

More information and examples of wooden stairs in our blog _ Espacios en Madera

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