(Diseñadores) Departamento de Proyectos de El Corte Inglés

Installed products:

three-dimensional wooden paneling, curved panleing made of bamboo slats

The consulting firm Ernst&Young has an event hall at the crown of Torre Titania, also known as Torre Azca. This space, designed by the Project Division of El Corte Inglés, is located at the terrace floor of the skyscraper that has been closed for this activity. The atmospheric conditions of temperature and humidity are variable in the meeting room so we have chosen bamboo and plywood boards as paneling.

The project consists of a complex spatial geometry formed by a three-dimensional paneling made of black lacquered plywood panels, which surrounds the internal installations staircase of the building. Three flat equilateral triangles divided into three and three pyramids with an equilateral base and various heights are mixed to create an interesting wooden volumetry. GUBIA BSP38 C-v bamboo slats in 70x38mm composed a conical surface, raised 3 meters above the occupation plane.

Bamboo, a very stable material against adverse humidity conditions, gives luminosity and warmth to this space of social relations. The light, which enters naturally through the perimeter windows of the room, creates a play of light and shadow over the inclined planes of the central sculpture.


Ernst & Young


Javier Bravo