Espacios Aúreos

Installed products:

wooden facade, flush fitting custom made doors, bespoke dressing rooms and wardrobes, bespoke furniture

This villa, located in one of the most exclusive areas of Sotogrande urbanisation, is paneling with wood inside and outside.

The program of the home is developed in a rectangular volumen paneling with thermo-treated spruce. Thermally modified spruce planks are fixed to wooden strips over facade and exterior ceilings of the villa. There is a gallery around the upper protected with fine wooden slats, with variable separations between them, that create an interesting vibration outside. Wooden facade is designed as a filter, an element that controls the entrance of light while providing privacy to the different rooms.

Inside, sycamore wooden is present in all the wall coverings of the circulation spaces and is part of custom-made carpentry and bespoke furniture. The spaces seems to be bigger because the reflections of wood over large mirrors.


Palmeras Property