José Angel Medina Murua e Ignacio de Rojas

Installed products:

straight and curved bamboo slat ceilings, custom oak ceilings

New Monteparis nursing home, located in Salvador neighborhood in Madrid, has been designed thinking in a home environment for old people. The U-shaped building opens their arms to the south to a vast green space, where accessibility, safe walks and outdoor activities are guaranteed. In contrast to the limestone that covers the volume outside, interior is ennobled with materials such as wood and bamboo.

Common and service areas are at principal floor, with almost 1000m2, and have a bamboo slats ceiling,  our GUBI_SLATS system. There are straight and curve pieces, in 70x19mm separated 70mm between them, following the shape of the building,

To manufacture the curve ones we used an innovative bending system that combines temperature and water vapour. Each piece shows the singular edges of the GUBIA BSP 19 C-v solid bamboo panel.

Rooms and apartments are on upper floors, where circulation corridors and coexistence units are covered with a ceiling made to measure of natural oak wooden panels. Led strips are integrated as lighting in them.


Fundación Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno