Garrigues Asociados

Installed products:

Laminated bamboo slats in ceilings and walls, termo-treated wooden frames.

Maravillas is a closed residential complex located on Raimundo Fernandez Villacerde 50 St, next to Paseo de la Castellana. It is composed by 334 homes in eight floors with common áreas and swimming pool.

Bamboo elements appears in the access to the nine blocks of the building.

Large bamboo laminated slats, in 200x76mm, rise rhythmically from the ground as cantilevered porticos placed with a separation of 20cm between them. The internal composition of the material can be seen at the ends of the pieces, which are suspenden with stainless steel cables form the concret.

The green of some slender vertical gardens, also surrounded by bamboo frames, adds color to these spaces. In the semi-exterior areas of the complex there are niches, with automatic irrigation, covered in granite where natural vegetation grown. Heat-treated wooden frames add warmth to this continuous surface


Cooperativa Residencial Maravillas


Javier Bravo