José Manuel López Osorio

Installed products:

iroko structural walkways, iroko steps and iroko handrails, principal door to castle.

The project recovers the original volumes of the towers and canvases of the castel and incorporates wooden walkways made of iroko that allow visit the original remains.

We have developed a carefully investigation about a new structural system of wooden walkways with glued wooden joints. Each walkway is different, basically they are formed by modules of “L” and “U” of iroko, in 80×46 and 30x46mm sections, which are joined by a system of stainless steel rods, washers and nuts. Polyethylene spacers, 12mm thick , ensure a homogeneous separation between wooden slats.

The modules have been translate completely finished to the site, doing a quickly installation of the system that facilitates the replacement of any piece of wood that could deteriorate over time. Cis-Madeira has worked closely with our technical department, reviewing construction details, analyzing calculations and making trials to ensure the durability of the wood.


Consejería de Cultura y Patrimonio Histórico de la Junta de Andalucía


Jesús Granada