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Installed products:

Wall paneling with fireproof wood

Torre Chamartín is an innovative and sustainable office complex, LEED Platinum certified. It is located on a landscaped plot at the access to the main business axes of Madrid, between the M-30 and the M-11. Two buildings, one 18 meters high and the other 4 meters high, have a double glass skin on the façade, which controls the interior thermally, acoustically and light-wise.

The cold skin contrasts with the warmth of the access to the north building, the tallest. It is an atrium, more than 20m high, covered with Soria Pine wood squares _90x90mm and up to 3.5m high_, which meet high requirements for reaction to fire, Bs1d0 according to UNE-EN 13501- 1:2007. Timber comes from the only Spanish model forest, the forest of Urbión, with enviable ecological conditions and a commitment to sustainable forest management.

GUBIA has selected the batches of wood directly in the forest _ taking into account the age of the trees, their location, grain direction…_, reclassifying them in the sawmill and drying them in a dryer according to the strictest standards. To achieve the required fire classification, wood with a saw-cut surface and already mechanized has been subjected to a deep fireproofing treatment, an autoclave treatment using a vacuum-vacuum system.

Our technical department has developed a hidden wooden-wooden anchoring, with excellent resuts to the test of cutting efforts to fix wood to the base.


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