Francesc Rifé

Installed products:

custom furniture, lockers, wall coverings

Galisport Triana Center is located in Hispano Aviacion, the tradictional Spanish fighter aircraft Factory. It is leader in sports center because of its facilities and its wooden design

The entrance hall is composed by an impressive curved lattice-shelf made of oak wooden, more than four meters high and ten meters in diameter. This element can be consider a big bespoke furniture or a wooden structure, a filter that separates the work áreas form the circulation spaces. It is made of more than 1,500 curved and straight oak pieces, CNC-machined and assembled with hidden anti-torsion fittings like a meccano.

The reception desk and the commercial service tables are inside, as well as curved benches

Once inside, walnut-finished melamine panels covers walls and ceilings. Other custom-made furniture as internet spaces, vending áreas and dressing room lockers are made of the same material combined with black high pressure laminated boards


Galisur Sport S.L.