Installed products:

bamboo slats ceiling, bamboo slats paneling, bamboo deck, custom-made furniture

The access to the central offices of this food distribution platform in Madrid is renovated with bamboo because of its image, warmth and its commitment to the environment.

It is a new meeting space paneling with bamboo slats over green walls and ceilings, a paradox between the original color of the bamboo cane and the final product. The slats, with a section of 80x30mm are separated 50mm between them and cover the lobby access to these central offces up to a height of 5m. Custom-made furniture: benches and counters lacquered in the same green as the walls appears over the bamboo slats

Around the patio windows bamboo slats are installed as a suspended lattice controling the entrance of light. Above the custom-made reception desk a bamboo slats ceiling integrates lighting and other installations

Outside, the architects chosen GUBIA BD20 bamboo deck in contrast to pixels of different green tones of HPL paneling. This floor is very stable and hard. (+)



Javier Bravo