Hermoso&Heimannsfeld arquitectos

Installed products:

bamboo curved ceiling, bamboo paneling, bamboo doors, bamboo acoustic ceiling, bamboo solid flooring

The new Oratory of Retamar School appears as a green zinc roof over a base of bricks.

Thin sheets of bamboo plywood GUBIA CV PLY5, extremely flexible, cover the three ruled surfaces of the ceiling of the Oratory, which is fractionated by triangular skylights that conduct light to the presbytery. The curved ceiling becomes different walls panelling in bamboo with integrated bamboo doors.

Bamboo further strengthens the spatial continuity of the whole, gives it a very unique warmth and improve the acoustics of the space for singing, speech and prayer.

The bottom space, where the assembly hall is, has a similar acoustics, an  ideal place in Madrid for the rehearsals of the California Symphony Orchestra. The surfaces of the ceiling have different shapes and inclination made of bamboo perforated acoustic boards.


Colegio Retamar de Madrid


Javier Orive