Javier Bravo


EUSA Architecture

Installed products:

bamboo paneling, bamboo slats paneling, bamboo acoustic ceiling, bamboo custom-made doors, bamboo solid flooring, bamboo bespoke furniture, bamboo counter tops

This new office building in Aravaca in Madrid is organized around a triple-height atrium with an interesting light enter and various visual relationships between floors

Our bamboo is the predominant design material in the interior. Almost 1000m2 of surface area is covered with GUBIA BSP15 C-v solid bamboo flooring, distributed in public areas as well as in the access and circulation áreas.

Bamboo slats are fixed rhythmically on white panles, enhance the main spaces of the building with their warmth.

There are an auditorium on the ground floor paneling with acoustic perforated bamboo panels that create a sound-absorbing box that provides the space with a fantastic acoustic.

We have designed a conference tables and a lectern for the stage área. The front of them is made of bamboo slats remembering the slatted paneling walls of the public areas.

Made-to-measure bamboo doors: acoustic, armored… different custom-made furniture and bamboo counter tops give warmth to the spaces.


General Nursing Council


Javier Bravo