Dos Hermanas - Sevilla


Luis Vidal + Architects

Installed products:

bamboo slats ceiling, bamboo solid flooring

The new Loyola University Campus is the world’s first 5G Campus: technological, accessible, sustainable, integrated, and responsible. Inspired by Andalusian patios and squares, it links traditional materials such as brick with more technological materials such as facade textile “candles” and other highly sustainable and warm materials such as bamboo.

It is the first building in the world with a Leed Platinum environmental certificate. Its most relevant space, the Auditorium, incorporates bamboo as the main cladding, a material that has contributed to the MRc4, MRc5, MRc6, MRc7, and IEQc4 credits, which make up the Leed Certification system.

GUBIA BSF 15 C-v solid bamboo flooring, with measures of 1950x96x15mm, covers the 450m2 of the seating area of this space. A ceiling made of 100x19mm bamboo slats, GUBIA BSP 19C-v, with various separations between them of 50, 100, and 150mm contributes to the acoustics of the space. (+)  


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