Galán / Lubascher

Installed products:

bamboo slats acoustic ceiling, bamboo solid flooring, custom-made bamboo doors, bespoke bamboo furniture, bamboo wall paneling

The Official Association of Civil Engineers, Canals and Ports has used bamboo as the new image of last interventions in its installations.

Agustín Betancourt Auditorium was renovated to adapt to new technologies using an acoustic ceiling made of bamboo slats, _96x19mm separated 10cm and fixed to black panels_ to improve the acoustics of the space. Bamboo solid flooring GUBIA BSF15 C-v cover a Surface of 200 m2 extending to the stage area.

Access hall to the auditorium is designed as a bamboo box in which floor, walls and ceilings are also paneling with bamboo. Entrance doors to the auditorum are integrated in the wall paneling.

The remodeling of Banco Caminos to expand the Official Association with a multipurpose hall and a new meeting room uses too bamboo as material and in similar products: acoustic slat ceiling, custom-made carpentry and bamboo floor-to-ceiling paneling, solid bamboo flooring…

The new access has a pivoting bamboo door and windows of the same material. An innovative system of mixed carpentry _iroko outside and bamboo inside_ reproduces the original carpentry of this protected building, with a strong thermal and acoustic improvement. Lastest intervention has been the redesigning of cafetería using again bamboo flooring.


Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos


Javier Bravo