mobiliario de roble rojo americano

American red oak on the MADNUM campus

The completion of the MADNUM campus project in Madrid is approaching the end in leaps and bounds. The incorporation of high quality wooden elements: lattices, stairs, furniture… is achieving an increasingly remarkable aesthetic and sustainable environment. American red oak was the species chosen for this purpose.

interior lobby space
Inner lobby of the residence building in Campus MADNUM © Grupo GUBIA

The warmth of American red oak 

Against the grey tones of the foyer of this residential building, American red oak plays a contrasting role. The warmth and aesthetics of the wood bring comfort and elegance to the space. A wooden latticework, composed of solid oak slats in 140x40mm squares, is rhythmically arranged as a visual filter along the entire double height, creating spectacular plays of light and shadow.

The main access to the first floor is via a unique oak stair designed by the Lamela architectural studio and technically resolved by GUBIA. Also, the overhanging wooden steps, in the shape of an aeroplane wing, are reinforced on the inside with a metal plate from which the rods come out, anchoring them to the metal stringer.

oak stair
Assembly of oak steps in the stair © Grupo GUBIA

The stair railings and the double height are finished in oak wood at the top and bottom.

An integral oak furniture

American red oak cladding
Metal shelving with oak panels, wooden slatted lattices in the second level © Grupo GUBIA

All the furniture has been made to measure in solid American red oak. Work tables and shelves combine the warmth of wood with metal pieces lacquered in the dark grey of the wall coverings, serving for the rest and leisure of the building’s users.

oak and metal exhibitors
Exhibitors and shelving on the ground floor © Grupo GUBIA

A large 4m long reception desk serves as an anteroom and welcome at the entrance to the building.

wooden counter cabinet
Reception desk in the entrance area of the lobby © Grupo GUBIA

Certified oak wood

The wood used, from FSC sustainable forest management, was chosen by our technical department as the design material. Thus, following the chain of custody, the wood was transformed in our workshop to give shape to unique design pieces, in which the joints, finishes… highlight the qualities of the material. A new challenge for Grupo GUBIA!

Grupo GUBIA is proud to participate in this sustainable initiative, highlighting the versatility and elegance of oak in contemporary architecture.

American red oak furniture

You can learn more about this project in the previous post of this news item.

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