We duplicate your space with a wooden mezzanine

We are working in the workshop with a new project, a wooden mezzanine for Noelle. We want to have it ready before Christmas and be able to share with you.

A few months ago, we talked about wood mezzanines in our blog, the best solution to enjoy  spaces when we have enough ceiling height. Noelle, one of our followers, knew our last intervention  in a small studio located in the Alameda; Specifically a bamboo mezzanine where the staircase became the protagonist, as well as in a fabulous storage space.

Surprised with the result, she decided to come and advise on how to enjoy spaces in her newly acquired apartment.

In this case, we decided to play with the spatial qualities and differents scales that a wood volume of timber  could add to the space, so  to solve the problem of  lack of square meters. And most importantly, with a clean work without bricklayers, only qualified carpentry personnel.

Our architects designed a semitransparent cube as a latticework, made with pine strips. It would give an extra surface area (15m2)  where they can be used four beds for Noelle’s childrens. A white wardrobe serve inferiorly to separate the main bedroom area from  space access to the mezzanine. The strips function  as latticework as a handrail. It configures a virtual volume of wood that brings a new scale to the existing diaphanous space.

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