Three-dimensional acoustical claddings

The acoustic conditioning of a room is of great importance for the sound to be distributed homogeneously. The acoustic parameters: reverberation times, clarity of music or speech, loudness… will depend on the intended use of the space. Three-dimensional acoustical claddings are an example of this, which we have researched in depth.

In the first instance, the geometric shape of these claddings and the materials from which they are made are of vital importance. It is not just a question of achieving an image…

Visualization of the E&Y Events Room, Torre Titania, Madrid
Visualization of the E&Y Events Room in Torre Titania, produced by the Projects Department of El Corte Inglés.

A new interior skin with two key wood elements are the starting point for this investigation into form. A conical cladding of bamboo slats and a focal polyhedral sculpture. The relationship between direct energy and reverberated energy is analyzed in an attempt to maintain an optimal relationship between them. The conical shape tries to maximize the utilization of direct energy to the maximum audience surface. In this way, sound waves are prevented from bouncing from one side to the other, creating undesirable reverberations that cloud the sound quality. At the same time, the polyhedral shape takes advantage of the first reflections avoiding focalizations and echoes.

Analysis, geometrical study and development of three-dimensional acoustic claddings
Analysis, geometrical study and development of the proposal

Construction of three-dimensional claddings

The formal result of this second element is a volumetric play between three types of equilateral triangles and three equilateral pyramids. Their geometries combine to generate a rich volumetry that becomes almost a sculpture. Paper models and rendered volumetric models serve as the basis for the design and achievement of the final form of these three-dimensional acoustical claddings.

Preparation of mock-ups, tests and on-site assembly of three-dimensional acoustic claddings.
Preparation of mock-ups, tests and on-site assembly of three-dimensional claddings.

After choosing the material – a plywood board to be lacquered in black – and studying the assembly of the pieces using mock-ups, the entire start-up of this unique cladding is assembled in the workshop.

Workshop corrections of the model allow an almost modular manufacturing process that reduces manufacturing times, while allowing to anticipate setbacks during on-site assembly.

Final image of the three-dimensional acoustic claddings on site.
Final image of the cladding in the exceptional space.

As a result, the final image exceeds all expectations on an aesthetic and acoustic level. The combination of the bamboo slats with the black polyhedral volume envelops the hall, making it an exceptional space.

We continue to study the acoustics of these polyhedral shapes for the design of movie theaters, auditoriums, music halls… Certainly, the size of the space and the envelope become elements to be taken into account in the final conception of the shape.

Images of the Cinema Room Ceiling studio development at Villa Zagaleta H3, for Original Interiors.