The Higher Council of Nursing advocates for the bamboo of GUBIA

For a few months we have been working hand in hand with the construction company Aldara in the new headquarters of the Higher Council of Nursing. The building, located in Aravaca, has been designed by the architects Javier Aguilar Viyuela and Antonio López Andrino.

A few years ago, our technical department presented the different bamboo products of Grupo GUBIA to the EUSA architecture studio. Many of them become part of the building cladding.

The project revolves around two interior patios that are illuminated by two large skylights overhead. The light that filters through them falls on the bibs that surround said patios on the ground, first and second floors; specifically on a slatted bamboo cladding formed by GUBIA BSP19 C-v 40x19mm slats separated by 40mm. The bamboo slats give an orderly rhythm to the whole, placed on the edge, they reveal the interior structure of the material.

Almost 1000m2 of surface distributed among the different floors will feature the GUBIA BSF15 C-v bamboo flooring in the small format. The slatted composition of this flooring confers stability to it in adverse humidity conditions. Its varnish, which is highly resistant to wear, makes it ideal in buildings for public use.

The building has an assembly hall in the basement, entirely covered in bamboo. A stepped bamboo acoustic ceiling is the most characteristic element of this space. The acoustic properties of bamboo are joined by circular perforations in the boards, made in our CNC to help improve the acoustic reverberation of the space. The walls of this space also have boards finished with GUBIA BVCV bamboo veneer as cladding.

Another distinctive element in the building will be its bamboo doors, which dot the most emblematic rooms.

Very soon we will be in Madrid installing all these bamboo coverings.

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