Cedar porticoes in St. John Paul II´s Chapel

St John Paul II´s Chapel will be made of cedar

The new Chapel dedicated to St. John Paul II will be placed in Almudena Cathedral. It will be a space surrounded by the characteristic smell of cedar.

After a few days of rest we return very excited with this new project. The well-known architecture studio Cano y Escario has developed this interesting space next to our technical department. As Benjamín Cano indicates, «the new space does not hide the previous one; we want to talk about a Church on moving».

Nueva Capilla dedicada a san Juan Pablo II en la Catedral de La Almudena

Fifty wooden porticoes, in 150x50mm dimensions, will be placed with a separation of 10cm between them. A sequence of elements, up to 12.5m high, that our technicians have recommended making of cedar, cedrela odorata. These slender porticoes will be a “counter mold” to the original chapel, revealing the original stone, combining history and the contemporary.

Cedar is a wood with “Holiness´odor” that will permeate a chapel made up of few symbols, but with a lot of content according to Benjamín Cano.

More than 1,200 linear meters of wood are already prepared to be carved in our workshop. The chapel must be finished by the end of October, so the workshop is at full capacity.

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