Oak lattice in the MADNUM campus of the LAMELA studio.

Oak wood is one of the most appreciated woods for carpentry and furniture, thanks to its strength and durability. With its honey tone and warmth, it has been the species chosen by the LAMELA Arquitectos studio for the most emblematic elements of its new project. This proposed oak lattice will become the key element of the new space.

It is one of the buildings of the MADNUM campus, a multifunctional complex close to Avenida Mendez Álvaro. The building will house 374 residences and will be located in this potential area of Madrid. Its entrance hall incorporates a unique oak wood lattice in which GUBIA will leave its mark.  The proposal also includes an original staircase and custom-made furniture in the same type of wood.

Based in this city and present in several countries, the LAMELA studio is a renowned firm specialising in large-scale, complex projects. It is consolidated as one of the most outstanding firms on the Spanish and international architecture scene. It is a pleasure for Gubia to collaborate with them on this project.

Oak will be the protagonist of this space. Solid 140x40mm slats of this wood will cover the double height, spaced rhythmically and becoming a filter for the circulation spaces.

Oak will also be present in the main furniture designed completely to measure: tables, shelves, display units…

Grupo GUBIA is a leading company in the wood carpentry sector.  It has extensive experience in carrying out unique projects for renowned architectural firms, being honored with this new collaboration. For more information about wooden lattices, we share this post from our blog Espacios en Madera, about projects and alternatives of these elements. If you feel like incorporating a wooden lattice to your project or space, do not hesitate to contact us.

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