carpintería exterior icomem

New intervention on the exterior carpentry of ICOMEM

Within the framework of heritage preservation, GUBIA continues with the rehabilitation of the historic exterior carpentry of the ICOMEM (College of Physicians of Madrid). A new phase, the recovery of the cafeteria area, in which the centre has once again placed its trust in our team and in which we are already immersed in the workshop.

carpinteria exterior icomem
Existing carpentry in the College of Physicians © Grupo GUBIA

Iroko and sustainability in exterior carpentry

In this intervention, traditional carpentry is combined with innovation in design and improved thermal and acoustic performance, without forgetting sustainability. It thus sets a standard for contemporary architecture that is committed to aesthetics, functionality and environmental responsibility.

Iroko wood has once again been chosen to replicate these elements of the exterior carpentry of ICOMEM, windows and doors. With its durability, strength and natural beauty, iroko is positioned as the ideal wood for projects that seek to combine durability, tradition and sustainability. With the use of wood from sustainably managed forests we join the commitment to the preservation of the environment.

carpinteria exterior icomem

carpinteria exterior icomem
Assembly work in the workshop © Grupo GUBIA

Manufacturing process of the exterior carpentry in the new phase 

The manufacturing process of these joinery elements is carried out with meticulousness and skill in our workshop. The choice of radial cut and straight grain planks, humidity control, adhesive tests and finishes are some of the keys that will guarantee an optimal and durable finish. All this is combined with delicate joinery work carried out by true professionals in the use of wood. This includes the carving of profiles, straight and curved machining… We share images of the manufacturing process, allowing lovers of the material and carpentry to have a close and detailed view of the work as in other projects.

carpinteria exterior icomem
Details of joints, machining and milling © Grupo GUBIA

The complex intervention carried out in the College of Physicians of Madrid seeks to restore historical elements. At the same time, it also seeks to establish a precedent for the integration of tradition and modernity in architecture and interior design. As always, for our team it represents a challenge that we embrace with enthusiasm, happy to be part, from the field of wood construction, of this exceptional project.

maquetas de madera y ensambles reales en taller
Layout, conformation and assembly in workshop © Grupo GUBIA
carpinteria en taller
Detail of the work with upper half-point panels © Grupo GUBIA

More information on previous phases can be found at this link.

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