Our wooden sliding lattice “Gubia Facade Sliding System”

At the intersection between innovation and sustainability, the wooden sliding lattice rises as an avant-garde alternative in the design of facades and architectural envelopes. In this context, the Gubia Facade Sliding System stands out as a pioneer, fusing functionality and aesthetics in a meticulously conceived product. This article explores the technical, aesthetic and sustainable aspects that make this solar control system a jewel in contemporary facade design.

Innovation and sustainability in our sliding lattice

The basis of Gubia Facade Sliding System’s innovation lies in an aesthetically refined sliding panel system. It is composed of elements that are resistant not only to weathering but also to saline environments. The system’s cladding is always made of FSC or PEFC certified wood, with a focus on sustainability.

movable wooden lattice in the building Paseo de Mallorca 15
Thermo treated wood facade. Paseo de Mallorca 15 building. Project by OHLAB © Javier Bravo

Unlike other systems on the market, the frame of the panels has a subtle design, barely perceptible from the outside and imperceptible on the inside. The wooden elements are joined together, at different heights, by means of AISI 316 stainless steel rods. These are protected by tubes of the same material, which act as separators between the pieces. This stitching system, besides being aesthetically pleasing, ensures homogeneous separation between the wooden profiles along their entire length. This avoids seeing intermediate anchoring tubes that disturb the direction of the wooden slats.

movable wooden lattice, sliding system
Isometric of GUBIA Facade Sliding System © Grupo GUBIA

Components of the facade sliding system

The bearing, AISI 316 stainless steel anti-derailment pulleys prepared for loads of up to 100kg each, are located on the lower part of the panels, in solidarity with the frame, and are equipped with a height adjustable system.

This composition of the panels is completed with solid wood slats of different species, suitable for use class 3.2, thus guaranteeing their durability and resistance. The choice of the species will depend on the place where the system is to be installed, the design of the element, the squareness of the wooden slats, their spacing… Likewise, the finish of the wood pieces, the result of arduous R+D+i work carried out by our technical department over the years with different woods and products, may vary.

The final result of the system for the wooden sliding lattice will be based on a feedback process. From graphic proposals to the system in motion, every detail is subjected to a rigorous joint review with the authors of the project. Our technical department as well as production personnel have spent hours and knowledge in generating a constructive solution that adapts to the contemporary conditions of very diverse façade projects.

Tests and quality of the wooden sliding system for facades

Full-scale models have allowed us to test movements, weights and guarantee the final construction detail that allows us to ensure durability over time. To this, we have added a previous work of design and research of the bearing system, friction coefficients, load and thrust force tests, regulation system… The quality of the system has been validated in independent laboratories.

movable lattice. Shop fabrication
Mock-ups and prototypes generated in the workshop © Grupo GUBIA

In the case of wood used as panel cladding, we have an extensive range of tests of different species and finishes, including tensile adhesion tests, abrasion resistance, artificial aging, natural aging… Each species tested is subjected to a long process of previous experimentation in different environments and different climatic conditions. This provides a guarantee of resistance and durability of the system.

Wooden sliding lattice
Details of joints, anchorages and bearings © Grupo GUBIA

Functionality and aesthetics of our sliding lattice

The system is not only an efficient technical solution, but also a sophisticated aesthetic expression. In sustainable facade design, wood emerges as the protagonist, providing warmth and connection with nature. The wooden sliding lattice allows the regulation of natural lighting and ventilation, according to slat sections and spacings, contributing significantly to the energy efficiency of buildings.

Wooden sliding lattice
Paseo de Malorca 15 building. Front view of lattices. © Javier Bravo

At the same time, the solution provides comfort and spatial flexibility thanks to its aesthetic subtlety. The bottom bearing system avoids functionality problems due to dirt accumulation, while dispensing with trim pieces to conceal components.

Wooden sliding lattice schema
General scheme of the GUBIA Facade Sliding System © Grupo GUBIA

The versatile use of this element provides solar protection and the sliding system also optimizes space. The variety of coatings, as well as the adaptability to different wood squares and finishes, allows its adaptation to a wide range of architectural styles and functions.

Construction and energy efficiency

The precise regulation of sunlight entry is achieved depending on the spacing between slats or wood cladding profiles. In the architectural design of the Paseo de Mallorca 15 building, a project by the OHLAB studio, the sliding panels are combined with fixed panels, making it possible to change positions and thus make the façade vibrate. The entry of light and its percentage of intensity is regulated by sliding the panels, panels in this case very varied in slat sections and their separations.

Wooden sliding lattice
On-site assembly of the prefabricated latticework in the workshop © Grupo GUBIA

This customization of the system entails arduous teamwork in both technical consulting and workshop fabrication, but with results that guarantee design, quality and recognition. The building has won the award for Best Use of PEFC Certified Wood by the World Architecture Festival – 2022. The search for lowering the energy impact of construction, as well as the implementation of sustainable environmental strategies are part of the elements produced and installed. It really means a great achievement where the constructive solution of the GUBIA Facade Sliding System has played an essential role in this recognition. The facade is fully configured by the wooden sliding lattice and its attributes.

WAF 2022 PEFC certified wood
Building awarded Best Use of PEFC Certified Wood © Javier Bravo

Gubia Facade Sliding System represents the successful convergence of functionality and elegance in sustainable facade design. Its commitment to eco-efficiency and ability to combine aesthetics and energy performance position it as a leading choice for contemporary architectural projects.

For more information on the technical data sheet of the system, please contact us directly. We will be pleased to assist you in any specific project, committed to sustainability and efficiency in timber construction.