Bamboo porticos of large dimensions

Bamboo flooring, wall cladding, acoustic ceilings, bamboo doors… are some of the products with which we have responded to numerous architectural firms that have requested our advice for their projects. In the structural spectrum, bamboo porticos are one of the elements we have developed.

Entrance gates to the Residential Maravillas
Imágenes de uno de los portales de acceso del Residencial Maravillas

Esperanza Romeu, an architect at Garrigues Asociados and a lover of the material, already counted on us for the bamboo cladding of the General Treasury of the Social Security in Motril. Her idea of incorporating large bamboo elements in the nine entrances to this residential building led us to investigate the material once again.

These are 200x80mm section bamboo porticos with a height of almost 4.2m, in the most unfavorable case. These pieces are arranged rhythmically in the noble areas of the entrances to the houses, providing warmth and contrast to the white of the existing cladding.

Bamboo porticos under construction and testing
Imágenes de la maqueta a escala real en taller de Grupo GUBIA

Construcción de los pórticos de bambú

To assemble it, a vertical and a horizontal element, also constructed as a frame, are joined by means of a strong wooden dowel. The vertical profile is housed in a piece, also made of wood. This is fixed to the floor with lag bolts and allows it to project a shadow line that simulates its levitation. On top of this profile, it is fixed to the base with steel rods housed with epoxy resin in the factory.

The horizontal profile is suspended from the slab with a new steel element. For this purpose, the element is anchored to an auxiliary structure provided on site. The exposed end of this profile is clamped with bamboo, showing the particular edge of the material. As a result, this technique generates the image of a massive and heavy element of great stability.

Pruebas de esfuerzos en las uniones de bambú y de resistencia a tracción de los elementos de acero son llevados a cabo en taller y laboratorio para asegurar el comportamiento de estos elementos. En este sentido, la elaboración de la maqueta a escala real en taller nos permite optimizar tiempos de fabricación y montaje a la vez que posibilitó estudiar la volumetría final del conjunto.

Porticos assembled on the finished construction site
Imágenes de los elementos ya montados en la obra terminada