The new Laguna Village Commercial Center relies on our thermo-treated wooden lattices

Laguna Village Commercial Center 2.0 is an ambitious project currently under construction in Estepona. Where an old complex was burned down by a fire in 2020, a multifunctional commercial space is now being erected. It will include a wide variety of stores, restaurants, bars and services, as well as green and leisure areas. The architectural firm Archidom Studio has created an innovative and attractive concept for the new commercial center, with curved lines that integrate with the natural landscape of the area. Located in a privileged area on the Costa del Sol, it is expected to be a major tourist attraction, which could have a positive impact on the local economy. A key element proposed in its façade are the thermo-treated wooden lattices located in the central entrance of the complex.

Visualization. Facade and exterior spaces of the complex where the thermo-treated wooden lattices will be installed.
Visualization. Façade and exterior spaces of the complex © Archidom Studio.

Lattice design

The architectural firm has entrusted Grupo GUBIA with the design and construction of the two lattices that preside over the access to the center of the complex. It has been conceived as a structure of vertical wooden slats of 42x68mm and 42x140mm, arranged alternately in an indistinct manner and with variable separations to accentuate that natural intention. Its height will be approximately 9 meters and will be divided into three sections, in which the tables overlap 15cm describing waves as those present throughout the project, matching with the sinusoidal roof of the complex.


Visualization. Schematic model of thermo-treated wooden lattices.
Visualization. Schematic model of the lattices © Grupo GUBIA

Thermo-treated wooden lattices

For the manufacture of these lattices, our team has once again decided to use thermo-treated pine, a wood species with exceptional performance in exterior applications. Its temperature treatment reduces the contraction and expansion movements of the wood, while improving its resistance to xylophagous agents. There have been several works where we have applied this material with very positive results. In this case, with the great proximity to the sea, it is a very important bet.


Thermo-treated wooden lattices manufactured by Grupo GUBIA
Thermo-treated pine lattices manufactured by Grupo GUBIA © Javier Bravo

Betting on wood

The architects’ choice of wood as the design material for this latticework on the main façade of the building was a strategic decision of great success. Wood is a material that provides numerous advantages, such as its strength, durability and sustainability. In addition, being a natural and warm material, it gives a touch of elegance and sophistication to the architecture. We are currently in the process of adapting the design of the proposal to the construction site. The lattice will be conceived as a meccano to be installed on site with great agility and speed.


Studies, three-dimensional design and initial selection of the production material
Studies, three-dimensional design and initial selection of the production material © Grupo GUBIA

The confidence in the work of our team is another sign of pride in what we do. Our goal? To guarantee the durability of wood in architectural works and thus contribute to an increasingly widespread use of this material.

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