“We may use Wood with intelligence only if we understand it” – Frank Lloyd Wright –

Consultoría en madera

At Grupo GUBIA, we are committed to highlighting the value of wood as the ideal material for a more sustainable and durable construction. The knowledge of the material is essential, but also the development of constructive solutions and the correct implementation.

We accompany architects and developers in their projects, with advisory services of various kinds:

We provide support from the beginning of the project, providing our “Know How” in the different phases of the project. Unlike other wood consultancy entities, we have our own carpentry, so our support extends to the manufacture of the solutions provided and the subsequent placement on site. This allows us to guarantee our work over the years.

We understand the behavior of the material, we study all the possible techniques of each project and we carefully develop the necessary construction details to achieve a correct execution. We are in constant training to be able to offer the most advanced solutions for each project. Each solution involves the search for new materials, laboratory tests, full-scale models and stress tests. Thanks to this we can guarantee the durability and finish of each job.