GUBIA leaves its imprint in the lounge of IBIZA airport


One year ago Aena announced the remodeling of the lounges of several of the Spanish airports. Ibiza will possess very soon one of these spaces. Every time there are more business passengers, tourist passengers who travel in Business class and passengers with long scales in their trips, which demand a relaxing, comfortable and cozy zone away from the habitual hustle of any airport. Ibiza could not be less!

AENA has designed a lounge, which will have between others, a singular wall paneling made of vertical strips of wood in 100x45mm, with a small separation between them, where you can see the blue corporate color of the company.

Copcisa is the company that has built this space and has received the technical advise and support of the architects and carpenters of GUBIA. Different modules have been made in our carpentry and will be installed over a triple system of wooden strips. We think it will be a quick, clean and efficient installation. The ceiling of the bathrooms will be covered with wood too.

We feel so fortunate to collaborate for the first time with AENA, the first airport operator in the world, in a project where the warmth of natural wood, the quality of the execution and anelegant design are a priority.

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