GUBIA install more than 800 pine strips in Chamartín

In the Madrid distict of ​​Chamartín, two new office buildings belonging to the Merlín real estate company are being built. The project, carried out by the EA3 architecture studio, has an impressive entrance atrium, over 20 m high, completely covered with wooden slats.

Construcía, the construction company responsible for most of the interior cladding, trusts once again in Grupo GUBIA to carry out this unique woodwork, more than 800 pieces of 90x90mm squares placed each 100mm to cover the walls of the atrium.

Our technical department has chosen for the execution, in this case, Soria pine wood from the sustainable forest management in the Pinariega region of Soria and Burgos, in Spain. This region is considered the unique model forest in Spain, called also the Forest of Urbión.

GUBIA has counted from the beginning with a team of technicians in origin that has made a rigorous selection of the wood from the felling, checking in situ the quality of the lots, the location of these, the age of the trees, their morphological characteristics and the direction of the fiber with respect to the axis of the tree, factors that significantly influence the behavior of the material.

The wood has been classified in the sawmill, dried in the open air and gets its final section with a saw cut finish after which it has been fireproofed in depth to achieve the high reaction to the fire required for this wood cladding.

For the anchoring of these pieces of timber to the base, we have designed and tested in shear strength, a wood-wood bond obtaining excellent results, greater than the efforts to which the pieces will be subjected by their own weight.

Currently, whit a strict quality control, the installation is almost completed.  The whole GUBIA team works that the work, as planned, ends at the end of the year, where we will be able to admire the amazing result.

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