GUBIA in the new offices of ING


The famous international bank ING DIRECT with offices worldwide, is building a new work center in Madrid. New offices with a renewed, modern and more ecological image with oak wood as the protagonist.

EAS _the architecture studio that has designed the project _ and the builder Construcia have trusted GUBIA Group for the manufacture of all the wood coverings.

Approximately 500 square meters of ceiling will be covered with oak slats in 150×40 mm, separated each other 200mm. This open ceiling design adds height to each of the spaces it covers.

The slats of the ceiling descend over the glass screens and other spaces creating a visual filter between rooms that once, allow to recognize the dimensions of the building. It is a beautiful project that recovers a pre-existing building, a contemporary project that bets on wood as the warmth material that any workspace needs.

Our work has already begun and once all the necessary material has been manufactured in our workshop, our carpenters are working at full speed on the site to conclude as soon as possible.

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