GUBIA BSP 19CV Hexagonal Design Ceiling

Based on our GUBI-SLATS ceiling system, the studio System Arquitectura asked our technical department to develop a “hexagonal design” ceiling with wooden slats.

Visualization of the hexagonal design ceiling

As a preview of the new corporate image of Mayoral‘s future Logistics Center in Intelhorce Industrial, _with almost 19,000m2_, the refurbishment of its current headquarters in Malaga becomes a field of experimentation. New materials, construction systems and forms begin to be considered for its optimization and execution.

The wooden ceiling is one of these aspects, conceived as a hexagonal matrix that is repeated and trimmed against the walls where it is located. It is a key element in the design that incorporates Viabizuno‘s own lighting system. The choice of material, the weight of the slats of each hexagon and the supporting substructure are part of a new research.

Analysis and planimetry of the Hexogonal Design ceiling

First approximations – GUBIA Hexagonal Design

Some initial sketches and calculations lead to the manufacture of the first models. They are composed of a wooden structure that is later transformed into a metallic hexagon divided into equilateral triangles. The solid bamboo slats, measuring 70x19mm and with a separation between them of 70mm, are pre-drilled in CNC and mechanically anchored to the structure showing its particular edge.

Models produced in the workshop

The initial elaboration of a hexagon and two halves allows us to study the union between pieces, separators that are assembled facilitating the alignment and the subsequent registration of each roof hexagon. This is a first approach that allows us to make corrections to the model. That makes possible to study of production times, balance CNC machining times and craft work, see real behaviors of the model…

Basic assembly module

Due to the large surface to be covered, a larger grid is produced, for a better understanding of the module within the global design grid.

Since on-site assembly is key to controlling final costs, the improved model is assembled on site. This allows foreseeing possible difficulties in the installation system while serving as a sample of the final result and its relationship with the final space.

Roof module assembly. Testing