Gubia and Polugroup design together the Iberian Development Center in Jabugo


It is possible to visit the Iberian Development Center in Jabugo now, a BAKPAK architects’s project, where Gubia has taken part in the manufacture of wooden technical flooring.

A raised and recordable flooring, Gamaflor Polygroup system, is finished with top layer manufacturated by Gubia: natural wood, thickness 4 mm, with high erosion resistance varnish. Tiles were cut by the innovative Sovereing system, which hide perimeter edge, showing like a continuous flooring with the advantages of a technical flooring. Thanks to constant width of tiles, flooring looks like continuous, but also special wooden flooring.

Intervention, consisted in the reinterpretation of a traditional farm with new functions included, contrasted with the “Tiro al Pichón2, building, attributed to sevillian architect Aníbal González.

Museum is open from 10.45 to 14.15 in the morning and from 15.30 to 19.00 during the evening, every day of the week. Tickets to the visit cost less than 3.5 € and including an iberian ham tasting.


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