GUBI-SLATS ceiling – The new bamboo slat system

GUBI-SLATS – The new bamboo slat ceiling system that improves acoustics in a sustainable way.

It is a registrable design that combines functionality with improved acoustics, aesthetics, comfort and sustainability. After months of tests and trials, Grupo GUBIA launches this innovative solution to the market. The GUBI-SLATS slatted ceiling can also be manufactured in wood.

This system, consisting of GUBIA BSP-19 or BSP-38 bamboo slats, is available in various formats. With a particular fixed edge of 19 or 38mm, the slat height and the spacing between them can be customized for each project. In the case of long slats, the pieces are fitted with connectors to ensure the alignment of the pieces.

GUBI SLATS slat ceiling system
Schematic isometric of GUBI-SLATS ceiling

Aesthetically, the GUBI-SLATS slats ceiling has a very characteristic bamboo edge. It brings warmth and distinction to any environment. These slatted ceilings are suitable for any type of space, public or private.

Techo de lamas GUBI-SLATS detalles
Edge details, module connections and mounting to structures

The modules are fixed by means of a patented clip system that allows the easy assembly and disassembly of the slats. They are fixed to a structure made of extruded aluminum profiles, playing the role of supporting and leveling element of the entire proposed surface.

An environmentally friendly system with great acoustic performance

The morphology of the GUBI-SLATS ceiling system itself, with bamboo slats of different widths and separations between them, contributes to the acoustic improvement of the spaces where it is installed. This is one of the main qualities of this new ceiling system from Grupo GUBIA, which has led more and more specifiers to opt for it in spaces with high acoustic requirements.

Specifically, the acoustic absorption of the system in this project is reinforced with a perforated top board and sound-absorbing material, 50 mm thick rock wool. The result is a beautiful and warm surface of high absorption in which the warmth of the bamboo contrasts with the black of the board, offering a rich contrast of colors.

Likewise, this slatted ceiling system developed by Grupo GUBIA has all the ecological properties and environmental advantages of the material that shapes it: bamboo. A grass that hardly needs reforestation due to its rapid growth, that is hard, flexible, resistant and extremely stable and that, for all these reasons, is considered to be the steel of vegetables.

Some projects that feature GUBI-SLATS slat ceiling

Emblematic buildings such as the Centre Pompidou in Malaga, the College of Civil Engineers (CICCP) in Madrid, the General Treasury of the Social Security in Motril (Granada), the headquarters of the APANID Association in Getafe (Madrid) or the exhibition hall of the Goethe-Institut, also in the capital, are equipped with this ceiling system. Each of the projects has different slat widths and separations, but all have common characteristics: functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.

GUBI SLATS slat ceiling TGSS Motril

(Detalles del sistema de techos GUBIA-SLATS en el Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos de Madrid. Proyecto de Galán/Lubascher arquitectos. Fotos Javier Bravo©)

This bamboo ceiling system, also installed at Loyola University in Dos Hermanas (Seville), has contributed to the MRc4, MRc5, MRc6, MRc7 and IEQc4 credits that are part of the Leed Certification system obtained by the building. Grupo GUBIA’s studio is currently collaborating in the prescription of these ceilings for new offices in Malaga.

GUBI SLATS slat ceiling Mayoral offices

The largest project incorporating GUBI-SLATS system

The Monteparís Residence Home, in Madrid, built by the construction company Escon88, is undoubtedly the best example of the GUBI-SLATS system. This building has almost 800 m2 of this ceiling system in the main spaces on the first floor.

For the first time, the bamboo slats were curved to fit the building’s own floor plan. A complex production exercise in which Grupo GUBIA’s technicians and carpenters spent months of thought and execution.

GUBI SLATS slat ceiling in the residence Monteparis

GUBI SLATS slat ceiling in the residence Monteparis

For more details and technical information about our system, please contact us.

Photo: © Javier Orive – © Javier Bravo

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