Bambú en Abantal

Grupo GUBIA joins the Michelin guide hand in hand with Abantal

Abantal restaurant, awarded a Michelin Star in 2009, will reopen its doors in September with a new design.

This space, founded in 2004, is a place for culinary experimentation runs by chef Julio Fernández Quintero. Santiago Pérez Barreda and Jaime Márquez Escudero, architecs and partners of Julio, have redesigned the image with the asesoration of Grupo GUBIA

The main room, designed to immerse the diner in a unique experience, is now decorated with bamboo as the predominant material. Its singular edge is work and design material.

A bamboo slats ceiling with an acoustic panel replicates the original shape of the restaurant’s ceiling. Its curved shape, with a studied height and separation of slats, will contribute to the acoustic comfort of the room.

Techo de lamas de bambú
Custom furniture and wall panelings made of oak and bamboo are part of the space design. A bespokee furniture will accompany the way to a unique experience in the signature cuisine. It is a parametric piece of furniture designed to measure, made up of curved bamboo slats that create a subtly warped surface that encourages travel.

Mueble paramétrico a medida
Once again bamboo becomes the protagonist of a singular space.

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