Grupo GUBIA returns to the international market with a new project in Panama.


Luxor Tower 300 is a new residential tower in ‘El Cangrejo’ in Panama City. The third of the five towers that Echevarria and Associates designed in the neighbourhood where they are given mentions the most contemporary architecture and a strong cultural identity.

125 apartments make up the new building height of different size and configuration and a small commercial area on the ground floor. A building where finishes have been carefully chosen, considering the highest standards of quality and durability and those who will meet the GUBIA ‘s bamboo .

The architect Humberto Echevarria visited a few months ago our facilities and our reference works with this material, the Centre Pompidou in Malaga. This visit has been key to the confidence of this prestigious Panamanian architecture study  in our firm.

The lobby of the building will be covered entirely with bamboo acoustic panels and a unique slotted design specifically for this work. To support our plate toast vertical bamboo BV CV phenolic birch plywood will be used. These boards have an excellent performance at the high existing relative humidity in Panama.

Finalized and finishing details, meetings, mounting solutions … our technical department with the Project Manager, started in our carpentry to shape this new project.

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