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Advantages of CNC woodworking machinery

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Today we talk about CNC woodworking and its advantages.

CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control”. This is a computer-controlled device that monitors the position, speed and work of a tool on a material. CNC work offers an accuracy and precision unattainable with manual work. The tool is controlled by a computer to which parameters are entered that direct a path of work on the wood.

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Its origins date back to the 18th century with the weaving machines developed in England, although it was not until 1952 when a numerical control machine model was successfully developed. Today this type of machinery is very common in the woodworking industry, both in medium and large woodworking shops.

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Advantages of CNC machining

  • Customization

This is one of the most relevant advantages of using CNC. It allows to obtain final products completely adapted to the taste of each customer, a drawing, a design, a logo… Working with CNC is a range open to infinite possibilities.

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An example of this has been in our workshop and among others, the prototype shown in the image above: customized diffusers for the ceiling of the new headquarters of Mayoral.

  • Precision

As the machines are mechanically calibrated, precision is assured. The result? Cleaner, higher quality work.

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  • Speed

One of the most acclaimed advantages for this type of woodworking is the speed with which the tools move. A good programming, a good design transferred from the technical department to the computer is the investment in this type of work. After that, the work, especially if it is repeated, is much faster than handcrafted work.

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  • Cost reduction

The reduction in time, cutting errors, manual tests… reduce the production costs in the workshop giving another advantage to the industry with this type of machinery.

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Images in the workshop of CNC cut pieces for the recently renovated Sevillian restaurant Abantal. The establishment has a perforated acoustic ceiling made by numerical control and a parametric furniture made of curved bamboo slats.

Although Grupo GUBIA has in its facilities a three-axis numerical control machine, it always combines the advantages of this type of work with the craftsmanship of our cabinetmakers. The union of traditional techniques with the most advanced technology is the key to a well finished job.

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