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GUBIA Acoustic Door System, a wooden door that achieves 43dB

The constant innovation required in custom carpentry and the growing demand of technical requirements demanded in the building industry has prompted us to develop a new model of acoustic doors. GUBIA Acoustic Door System is a system designed to offer a high thermal and acoustic comfort of up to 43dB.

Using fully sustainable materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, we have created a door that is not only functional and efficient, but also aesthetically appealing.

puerta acústica de madera
Shaping and machining of acoustic doors using CNC © Grupo GUBIA

Innovation and sustainability

GUBIA Acoustic Door System is conceived with material from sustainable forest management, FSC certified bamboo and insulating materials that guarantee excellent acoustic attenuation, 43 dBA. Its design allows the door to be customized so that it is fully integrated into the specific project and work, ensuring not only acoustic comfort, but also a reduced environmental impact.

puerta acústica de madera
Machining and gluing of acoustic doors in the workshop © Grupo GUBIA
puerta acústica de madera
Machining details for door leaf hardware © Grupo GUBIA

GUBIA Acoustic Door System components

The door leaf is composed of an internal structure and perimeter embossing of solid bamboo finished with fiberboard on both sides, thermal insulating and sound-absorbing elements on the inside, and bamboo veneer on the outside. The particular edge of the bamboo gives an aesthetic plus to the whole door.

The frame itself, also made of solid bamboo, acts as an exterior flashing and has a double overlap with EPDM acoustic seals.

The set can be equipped with mechanical or electromechanical locks, and spade or concealed hinges, all made of stainless steel and with 3D adjustment. They comply with CE and UNE-EN standards. A double bottom acoustic weatherstrip increases the Rw weighted acoustic reduction index as well as the overall RA weighted acoustic reduction index.

Doors can be manufactured in other wood species with densities equal to or greater than bamboo, with varnished or lacquered finishes, with different gloss levels and fire classification. Customization in dimensions and finishes is available according to project specifications.

puerta acústica de madera
Scheme of technical composition in door © Grupo GUBIA

Development process and quality testing

The GUBIA Acoustic Door System has been subjected to rigorous quality tests in the APPLUS+ laboratories, which have confirmed its effectiveness in acoustic attenuation and thermal insulation. The tested sample, a single-leaf swing door, has a total thickness of 72 mm.

puerta acústica de madera
Door assembly in Applus+ laboratories © Grupo GUBIA

In some frequency bands, the noise reduction values may be slightly higher due to the building structure. A specific correction was applied in these cases to ensure the accuracy of the results. These tests ensure that the door maintains high levels of sound insulation.

puerta acústica de madera
Details and acoustic test in Applus+ laboratories © Grupo GUBIA

GUBIA Acoustic Door System Aesthetics

This door system not only stands out for its functionality, but also for its aesthetics. The possibility of natural wood veneer finishes and customization according to the client’s design, ensures that each door not only fulfills its functional purpose, but also integrates harmoniously into any environment adapting to the specific needs of each project, offering very different options in dimensions, materials and finishes. Its versatile design allows it to be incorporated into various types of projects, always guaranteeing optimum performance in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation.

puerta acústica de madera
Isometric diagram of components of the acoustic door © Grupo GUBIA

Wood construction and energy efficiency

The use of sustainable materials and advanced manufacturing techniques ensures that the GUBIA Acoustic Door System not only provides excellent insulation, but also contributes to the energy efficiency of the buildings in which it is installed. This leads to lower energy consumption and a reduction in long-term operating costs.

Our technical department offers solutions that adapt to the constraints and requirements of each project. That is why the productive work of the workshop is always based on a previous work of wood consultancy to achieve a synergy between innovation and quality production.

For more information about the system, please contact us directly. We will be pleased to assist you in any specific project, committed to sustainability and efficiency in wood construction.

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