We have more than 75 years of experience in the design and construction with wood, backed by major architectural works. Our consulting service has been nurtured by our know-how, creating an efficient work process that starts from the conception of the architectural project and covers the entire design process, development in the workshop and commissioning. We accompany throughout the process, combining traditional techniques with the most advanced technology, turning each project into a new learning opportunity.

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GUBIA Group is composed by a team of architects and engineers specialists in wooden and bamboo design and construction. Enthusiastic about the technical and aesthetic qualities of these materials, we are in continuous learning and investigation, being able to develop complex and unique wooden architecture projects.

Our team of carpenters and production managers plan each job, according to the scale of the work, optimizing human and technological resources, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovating machineries. We have an own team that install our solutions, always under the supervision of the project manager.

Verónica Sancho- Technical department director

Architect by ETSA Seville, collegiate 4381 COA Seville

Master in Structural Wooden Engineering by USC

Specialist in Wooden Flooring Patolgies and Calculation of Wooden Structures

Master in Rehabilitation of Wooden Structures_ ETSA Seville

Where and how we work

We work in Spain and Islands. We have carried out architectural works in Panama, Senegal and Lomé and we are currently developing projects in France, Portugal and Morocco.

Each carpentry work is conceived as a “meccano”, tested with real mock-ups and solutions pre-assembled in our carpentry, which facilitate and speed up assembly on site.


We cover architectural projects of very different scales, being able to develop from the custom-made furniture of an interior design project to complex wooden structures. Our services include:

  • Technical advice on wood to architects and designers
  • Design of customized wooden solutions
  • Development of new manufacturing systems for ceilings, wooden enclosures, doors, furniture…
  • Full-scale models of wooden prototypes
  • Rigorous quality controls on all raw materials
  • Technical inspection in the workshop and on site

Our specialties highlight the development of unique constructive solutions for wooden facades and the design of ceiling and wall panelling with wooden and bamboo slats.

Our clients

Architects, private promoters, religious institutions, hotel chains, professional entities, sports centers…

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We promote respect for the environment in all processes, from design to final delivery. Our raw material comes from sustainable forest management according to FSC or PEFC, and can contribute to achievingfor our clients high levels of BREEAM or LEED certification, as well as PASSIVHAUS

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