CICCP extension in Madrid

CICCP extension in Madrid

Architects: Galán / Lubascher

Woodworks: wood floors, bamboo paneling, bamboo veneer, wood ceilings, bamboo doors

In the second intervention made to the Official College of Channels and Ports of Madrid by Grupo Gubia, we focused on a significant expansion of the space to give rise to new spaces such as a large meeting room and a space for multipurpose use. Both spaces are accessed through a central hall that incorporates new access to the facilities, for which a custom door was designed in bamboo with a flared oculus that shows the filigree of the bamboo on the edge. Both the lobby and multipurpose rooms incorporate a bamboo panel floor-to-ceiling paneling with a slatted ceiling that provides spaciousness to the room, as well as acoustic improvements. The aesthetics of the rooms are crowned by mixed carpentry _from iroco to the exterior and bamboo to the interior_ which respects the historic character of the property and provides important thermal improvements.

This intervention maintains a design similar to that incorporated in the CICCP main auditorium, where previously Gruppo Gubia had a successful performance, cladding the interior in bamboo. Consequently, the new addition to the college maintains bamboo usage and a consistent aesthetic.


Photograph: Javier Bravo

Auditorium of Loyola Univeristy

Auditorium of Loyola Univeristy


Architects: Luis Vidal + Architects
Promoter:  Compañía de Jesús 

Woodworks: wood ceiling, bamboo flooring, bamboo panelling

The new Loyola University Campus is the world’s first 5G Campus: technological, accessible, sustainable, integrated, and responsible. Inspired by Andalusian patios and squares, it links traditional materials such as brick with more technological materials such as facade textile “candles” and other highly sustainable and warm materials such as bamboo.

It is the first building in the world with a Leed Platinum environmental certificate. Its most relevant space, the Auditorium, incorporates bamboo as the main cladding, a material that has contributed to the MRc4, MRc5, MRc6, MRc7, and IEQc4 credits, which make up the Leed Certification system.

GUBIA BSF 15 C-v solid bamboo floor, with measures of 1950x96x15mm, cover the 450m2 of the seating area of this space. A bamboo ceiling made of 100x19mm slats, GUBIA BSP 19CV, with various spacings between them of 50, 100, and 150mm contributes to the acoustics of the space. (+)

Photography: Victor Sájara


EY event hall in Titania Tower

EY event hall in Titania Tower

Designers: Projects Department of El Corte Inglés

Woodworks: Bamboo paneling, Three-dimensional panels

The skyscraper of the financial district of Azca, known as Torre Titania or Torre Azca, is crowned by the consulting firm Ernst & Young, with a unique meeting and event room in Madrid with views of the entire city skyline.

The Corte Inglés Project Department, _ made up of architects and interior designers_ has counted on Grupo Gubia to technically carry out this unique intervention. Our technical department, equipped with all the necessary graphic means and construction knowledge, has worked for months on a complex spatial geometry with unique encounters and details.

The fruit of the work shows a brilliant result, materialized by our carpentry officers in the conical development of a GUBIA BSP38 CV solid bamboo slatted cladding that embraces the space. Elevated three meters above the occupancy plane, the bamboo melts with a sculptural cladding of a casual character that surrounds the internal installation staircase.

The workspace coincides with the terrace floor of the skyscraper, closed in a subtle way to accommodate this activity. The atmospheric conditions of temperature and humidity are variable in the room, hence the choice of bamboo – a very stable and at the same time warm material – and of WBP phenolic plywood finished in black lacquer that creates the central volumetry.

The use of Grupo Gubia bamboo enhances the brightness of the room and the welcoming character of a space that lends itself to social relationships, where the comfort of the attendees is essential. On the other hand, the light that is naturally propelled through the windows that close the space, creates a striking spectacle of shadows on the sloping planes of the central sculpture, a sequence of pyramids that invite ingenuity and inspiration. (+)

Photography: Javier Bravo

Agustin Betancourt Auditorium in Madrid

Agustin Betancourt Auditorium in Madrid

Architect: Galán / Lubascher

Woodworks: Bamboo slat ceiling, bamboo flooring, bamboo wall panelling, furniture

The Agustin Betancourt Auditorium located in the headquarters of the Spanish Institution of Civil Engineers in Madrid, has been completely reformed and adapted to new technologies. The architect Luis García de Vinuesa has choosen the Bamboo of Grupo Gubia to carry out the refined design and to get the best mark in sustainability.

The lobby of the building comes up with a bamboo box where all, floor, walls and ceilings are covered with bamboo paneling. The auditorium access doors, model GUBIA flush fitting door system ©, also made with bamboo and hidden frame are integrated into the walls without being noticed. Walls and ceiling are covered with fireproof fiber panels finished bamboo veneer GUBIA BVCV in measures of 2400x600mm.

To reach the auditorium acoustics exigency, we built a bamboo slat ceiling. It was made up with fire-retardant MDF board with painted in black and strips of GUBIA BSP 19C each 10 cm. in the perimeter, a lower flat ceiling is suspended by hidden metallic profiling.

The Gubia bamboo flooring  GUBIA BSF 15Cv, covers the 200m2 of the auditorium from to the lobby to the both sides of exhibition hall where is arranged like a frieze around the marble flooring. Bamboo flooring offers a unique look and is an inteligent, eco-friendly hardwood option.

The platform area and the rear platform, raised for the seating arrangement, are finished with the same material and with solid bamboo panel GUBIA BSP 19 Cv. Two tables and a lectern, which follow the image of the acoustic ceiling, have been made to measure for their placement on the stand.

Villa La Toca in Marbella

Villa La Toca in Marbella

Architects: AMES

Building company: Hecobuilding

Woodworks: wooden facade, custom carpentry, bespoke furniture 

This villa in Marbella´s coast is different to the others, its wooden facade contrasts with the white walls and glass of the rest. The architecture studio AMES has conserved the shapes of the slooping roof of the old property giving it a new image where the wood covers a great part of its facade.

We have designed a ventilated chamber behind the WBP phenolic plywood panels, finished in wengue. The pieces have been installed from floor to ceiling separated from the base and protected all the edges with sealing products. A saturator has been applied as covering with an easy maintance, only cleaning and application of the same saturator.

Inside, the custom carpentry has been made of wengue wood. The client has chosen doors and front cabinets, model GUBIA minimal door system, without flashing so the frame is completely flush to wall.

The singular wooden lattice surrounds the staircase and bespoke furniture are part of the design of this luxury villa. (+)

Atrium of Chamartin Tower in Madrid

Atrium of Chamartin Tower in Madrid

Architect: EA3 

Building company: Construcía

Woodworks: Fireproof wooden slats

GUBIA Group has developed the new and singular image of this offices building for MERLIN Properties

The atrium of the building, more than 20 meters high, has been covered with Pino Soria slats of 90x90mm and 3.5 meters lenght. The timber, from the only Spanish model forest, the forest of Urbión, with ecological condictions and commitment to enviable sustainable forest manegement, was treated with a fire retardant treatment in autoclave, achiving a fire reaction Bs1d0.

Our technical department has developed a hidden wooden-wooden anchoring, with excellent results for the test of cutting efforts. The wooden slats over the black boards generate an exclusive image that photografies show. (+)


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