The Monteparis residence bets on the GUBIA-SLATS slat ceilings in their curved version

The Monteparis residence bets on the GUBIA-SLATS slat ceilings in their curved version


The new Monteparis building, located in the Salvador neighborhood, in Madrid, is a project by the architects José Ángel Medina and Ignacio de Rojas Sánchez. It is made up of 100 rooms, a care center, health care, a chapel and 3,000 m2 of green areas.

The construction company Escon88, in charge of the works, has relied on Grupo GUBIA to cover the ceilings of the entire building. The ground floor, with almost 1000m2, which houses the common and service areas, will be clad with our GUBIA SLATS slat ceiling system, in bamboo.

Our technical department and our team of carpenters have been working for months to achieve a curved version of this slatted ceiling. A heat bending system for the GUBIA BSP19C-v boards will give rise to a beautiful slatted ceiling that will follow the curved layout of the project itself.

The upper floors of the rooms will have smooth oak ceilings that integrate lighting with led strips.

Porches of bamboo slats in the  Maravillas Residential, in Madrid

Porches of bamboo slats in the Maravillas Residential, in Madrid

As you know and it is already customary, we like to cover all possible architectural spaces with bamboo. On this occasion we collaborate with the architecture studio Garrigues Asociados and the construction company ACR.

One of the firm’s partners, the architect Esperanza Romeu, with whom we already worked in the Motril Social Security Treasury, once again trusts our work with bamboo.

The nine portals of this residential building, located in the heart of Madrid, will have a very unique element. In four of them, 200x86mm section bamboo slats will hang from the ceiling using stainless steel rods. In the other five, the same bamboo slats will form a corbelled portico that will accompany the access to the common areas of the building.

Bamboo, which will also be part of the frames that house green gardens, plays a fundamental role in the design, providing warmth to the rest of the white wall tiles.

In a couple of weeks we will begin to assemble these unique bamboo slats on site.


Gubia and Ohlab united in the design of a new wooden facade

Gubia and Ohlab united in the design of a new wooden facade

Today we are talking about a new project by the OHLAB architecture studio. A project that bets once again on the wooden facades and the technical solutions of Grupo GUBIA.

They are Parallel East & West, two residential buildings in the Bonanova neighborhood, in Palma de Mallorca. Both buildings have been designed to be sustainable and energy efficient. The 12 homes, with private pools, have their own private garden or a spectacular roof terrace with panoramic views over the bay of Palma, Cala Mayor and Illetas.

The flagship element is made up of its north and south facades, covered by huge folding wooden lattices, inspired by traditional Mediterranean lattices. The element in question is composed of thermo-treated wood slats with a section 42x65mm separated by 40mm. With a studied folding system that does not invade the interior space, the motorized wooden lattices open and close depending on the position of the sun. This mobile solution guarantees interior privacy and creates a constantly changing play of light and shadow inside each home, adding an extra touch of life to each space.

For the interior carpentry, the architecture studio has prescribed GUBIA wooden doors and cabinets. Oak wood will be the interior bet of these homes.

We like to give you the good news and the reason is that we have been working on a project that involves large-scale wooden lattices.


The Higher Council of Nursing advocates for the bamboo of GUBIA

The Higher Council of Nursing advocates for the bamboo of GUBIA

For a few months we have been working hand in hand with the construction company Aldara in the new headquarters of the Higher Council of Nursing. The building, located in Aravaca, has been designed by the architects Javier Aguilar Viyuela and Antonio López Andrino.

A few years ago, our technical department presented the different bamboo products of Grupo GUBIA to the EUSA architecture studio. Many of them become part of the building cladding.

The project revolves around two interior patios that are illuminated by two large skylights overhead. The light that filters through them falls on the bibs that surround said patios on the ground, first and second floors; specifically on a slatted bamboo cladding formed by GUBIA BSP19 C-v 40x19mm slats separated by 40mm. The bamboo slats give an orderly rhythm to the whole, placed on the edge, they reveal the interior structure of the material.

Almost 1000m2 of surface distributed among the different floors will feature the GUBIA BSF15 C-v bamboo flooring in the small format. The slatted composition of this flooring confers stability to it in adverse humidity conditions. Its varnish, which is highly resistant to wear, makes it ideal in buildings for public use.

The building has an assembly hall in the basement, entirely covered in bamboo. A stepped bamboo acoustic ceiling is the most characteristic element of this space. The acoustic properties of bamboo are joined by circular perforations in the boards, made in our CNC to help improve the acoustic reverberation of the space. The walls of this space also have boards finished with GUBIA BVCV bamboo veneer as cladding.

Another distinctive element in the building will be its bamboo doors, which dot the most emblematic rooms.

Very soon we will be in Madrid installing all these bamboo coverings.

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